Infection Prevention
– New Approach to Wound Care


Treating infected wounds cause more and more unnecessary costs. At the same time, health care sector is struggling with tight budgets. New methods are needed to solve this challenge.

Wounds get infected because of neglected prevention

Even if hygiene issues are well taken care of, number of wounds gets infected. Also, not all wounds are treated in clean hospital environment. Even lack of clean water can be an issue.
Traditional wound dressings lack capacity to prevent infections. Traditional silver dressings are both too expensive to be used widely in infection prevention and their use is limited due to silver leach.


Silvergreen introduces new approach to wound care, and launches a new innovative SGSOFT -antimicrobial wound dressing portfolio. SGSOFT is safe and easy to use, versatile and inexpensive. It is designed for infection prevention.

How does it work?

SGSOFT contains ionic silver tightly bound to the dressing fibers. SGSOFT stops efficiently bacteria colonization by absorbing secretion and bacteria from wound. Silver ions do not leach to the wound but prevents the dressing contact layer bacteria colonization. Clean wound healing environment efficiently prevents infections in wounds.