SGSOFT Antimicrobial Wound Dressing

ratkaisumme-paakuvaSGSOFT is nonwoven non-releasing absorbent antimicrobial wound dressing with ionic silver tightly bound into dressing fibers. SGSOFT antimicrobial wound dressing is designed to meet the latest requirements in wound care market.

Unique characteristics and unfair competitive advantage

  • EFFICIENT – Against S.Aureus and E.Coli
  • SAFE – No leaching or application usage time restrictions
  • USE – Safe, easy and versatile, can be integrated to advanced wound care product
  • AFFORDABLE – Global cost leader
  • PREVENTION – Unlike any other product in the market, SGSOFT can be used widely to prevent bacteria colonization and wound infection.
  • SGSOFT is designed to prevent and treat infections by keeping the contact layer of the wound dressing clean from bacteria. It absorbs liquids up to 10 times its own weight and delivers extra liquids to next layer.

SGSOFT is clinically tested and has excellent antimicrobial efficacy (VR4) against S.Aureus according to ISO/FDIS 20645 and has antimicrobial activity of >4,3 against S.Aureus NBRC12732 and has bacteria reduction of 99,99% according to JIS L 1902-2008 standard.