SGSOFT Antimicrobial Wound Dressing

SGSOFT® Dressing

SGSOFT® Dressing available in:
Size Product Pcs/pack
5x5cm 110 05 10
10x10cm 110 10 10
5x50cm (ribbon) 110 55 10
10x 500cm (roll) 110 51 1

SGSOFT Dressing is absorbent non-woven wound dressing that protects the wound and keeps it moist. Moist wound environment helps wound healing process.

SGSOFT is designed for modern wound care. The antimicrobial capacity of the dressing prevents efficiently foreign bacteria colonization in the wound. Foreign bacteria cause wound infections and slows or prevents the wound healing process.

The Dressing is designed for multi use. It is easily cut, folded of filled to fit various wound types. Fix with secondary dressing or film depending on the amount of wound exude. SGSOFT can also be used in home care since it is safe and easy to use.