SGSOFT Antimicrobial Foam Border Dressing

SGSOFT® Foam Border

SGSOFT® Foam Border available in:
Size Product Pcs/pack
10x10cm 121 10 10
10x20cm 121 20 5
15x15cm 121 15 5
20x20cm 121 22 5
Extra sizes:
sacral 121 90 5
heel 121 91 5

Other sizes available by request

SGSOFT Foam Dressing is foam dressing with high absorbing capacity that protects the wound and maintains moist wound environment. Moist wound environment helps wound healing process.

SGSOFT Foam has three layers: Antimicrobial primary layer, absorbing foam as secondary layer and protective adherent film with borders on top. The antimicrobial capacity of the dressing prevents efficiently foreign bacteria colonization in the wound. Foreign bacteria cause wound infections and slows or prevents the wound healing process.

SGSOFT Foam Border is designed for lightly and moderately exuding wounds. It can also be used in home care since it is safe and easy to use.